I've always been passionate about colour.

Growing up in a paint store, I learned firsthand how important colour is when it comes to creating a mood or feeling within yourself or others around you.

Working in the family business taught me how powerful colour can be, and how the right colour can transform four walls into a home, I truly believe that there is a perfect colour for every person and every space.

I created Big Paint Chips to make it easy to create a space that reflects who you are, how you live, and what you love.

Whether you're stuck between ten colours and you love them all, or you're certain you've found the right one and you just need to convince your partner, I'm certain that our Big Paint Chips will help you pick your perfect colour, with 100% confidence.


Connor Hedley

PS - My perfect colours? I like earthy subtle shades with a big punch of colour to draw your focus and ground you in the moment. Here is what I recently used to transform my own space: Benjamin Moore’s Smoke & Mirrors CSP-105 and Purpilicious CSP-465.