Retailer Stocking Program:

Our stocking program is a combination of an in-store stocking program of 140 of Benjamin Moore's most popular colours, combined with a Digital Affiliate or Third Party Fulfillment Program. You can stock the most popular colours in store, but still offer all the colours to your customers.

  • Colour Squared™ has developed a custom-designed, freestanding display rack that will hold 140 Big Paint Chips and includes signage on the top and the sides to advertise the Big Paint Chips™

Your start up kit for stocking will include:

  • Five Big Paint Chips™ per colour
  • Display Boxes for the Chips
  • Three extra Chips for display purposes
  • Display Rack and Signage
  • Advertising Poster
  • If you have an online presence, we will supply all images required for our Digital Affiliate or Third Party Fulfillment Program

Digital Affiliate Program:

It is not feasible for a Retailer to stock all of Benjamin Moore’s thousands of colours.  You can refer your customers to order your non-stocked colours from the Colour Squared™ website and receive a payment for that referral.

  • An affiliate link to will be provided for the            Retailer’s website.  The Retailer will receive a payment from Colour Squared for each order that is referred by their website and completed on ours.  Our website can track where orders originate and how much is owed to every Retailer. 

Third Party Fulfillment:

  • For Retailers with an online store, Colour Squared™ will go one step further and support them in the E-Commerce world by providing all necessary digital images and data to prepare the Retailer's online store to list Big Paint Chips™ and provide Third Party fulfillment.

     Increase Color Chip to Paint sale conversion rates

    Our Big Paint Chips™ are an excellent tool to help your customers pick paint colours.  They are hand-painted with real Benjamin Moore paint and are quality controlled to ensure accurate colours. 

    • Builds brand loyalty and increase your paint sales - If your customer wants to exactly duplicate the Big Paint Chip™ experience, they should purchase Benjamin Moore paint.
    • High margin product with a small footprint which maximizes $/sq. Ft. and is ideal for both large and small stores.
    • Low investment cost - quick Return on Investment.
    • Easy, online ordering for restocking Chips
    • Custom marketing support through signage and QR code links.
    • Quick turnaround time on orders
    • Canadian Made

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