We want to make sure everything goes smoothly when using our product for the first time. Here are some quick and easy steps to make sure the only thing on your mind is whether or not this is the colour to trasnform your space.

1. Separate a corner of the chip from the white plastic backing. 
2. Peel the backing completely off. Careful not to let chip fold on itself, crease, or wrinkle.

3. Holding both corners, gently press the chip to the wall until it holds.

4. From the center out, gently smooth the chip onto the wall pushing out any air bubbles.

5. Live with the colour for some time and feel whether or not this colour is right for your space. The right colour is just a Big Paint Chip away when you shop with Colour Squared!

6. If that colour works better in the kitchen or spare bedroom just carefully peel the corner and repeat the application process. 

 7. Try different Big Paint Chip colours on other walls and enjoy! Thanks for shopping with Colour Squared.