How do I use this product?

1. The white back of the Big Paint Chip is removable and peels off of the painted front of the chip.

2. Carefully peel off the backing and apply the chip to the wall using the exposed adhesive side. 

3. Gently smooth out any bubbles going from the center out.

4. If you want to move the Chip, carefully lift the corner and pull it off the wall. Do not let the chip fold. Simply reapply the chip where you want it next.

5. Click here to go to our How To page.

Are the samples real paint?

Yes!  They are hand rolled with two coats of premium, brand specific paint.  This allows you to see what the actual paint would look on your walls, texture and all!

What finish is the paint sample painted in?

They are painted in an Eggshell finish in real paint. This is the most popular finish choice for most wall surfaces in a home.

How are Big Paint Chips different than little colour chips from the store?

1. Size. Our product is a 12"x12" repositionable square.

2. Texture. Small paint chips are digitally printed, Big Paint Chips are real paint.

3. Material. Small chips are paper, Big Paint Chips are vinyl stickers which can be adhered to any smooth surface.

Are Big Paint Chips damage proof?

Since they are painted with real paint, Big Paint Chips are vulnerable to water damage, burnishing, and scratching the finish just like a painted wall. They are as durable as premium wall paint.

Are the colours accurate?

The paint used is tinted by an official representative retailer of the paint manufacturer. Quality colour checks are done by Big Paint Chip and we do all we can to ensure these colours are accurate.

Will the adhesive on the Big Paint Chips damage my walls?

Big paint Chip Inc has tested many substrates and selected a product which you can trust.

The adhesive used is water based, low tack, and is designed to be applied to walls and to be repositionable. It will not damage the wall, leave a residue, or burnish paint finishes when applies to a properly painted wall which has had time to cure.

If you have painted recently, make sure the paint has cured; this takes usually about two weeks after painting. Paint can be dry, but not cured to a hard finish until after a few weeks, especially if it is a dark colour. The Chip will pull off loose or uncured paint. If you are unsure, test the area with painter's or masking tape.

What paint lines do you carry?

We have launched with Benjamin Moore colours initially but will be adding other lines in due time.

Do you ship your product?

Yes, we do. We ship everywhere serviced by Canada Post.

View our Shipping Policy here.

What is the turnaround time for shipping my order after it is placed?

We carry over 200+ of the most popular colours in stock, ready to ship. If there is a colour which needs to be produced, it will take about 2 business days to produce and have ready for shipping. Shipping times vary based on where you order from.

Is there a local pickup option for Big Paint Chips?

We are continually building a network of retailers who will stock the top colours in-store. If your colour is not available then it can be shipped directly from Big Paint Chip or picked up after production at your retailer.

Currently the only option is Sanctuary Paint & Decor in Kanata at 430 Hazeldean Rd. Unit 3, Kanata, Ontario613-836-9507.

What if I can't find the colour I want?

When we add a brand to our lineup, we add all of their consumer colours. If you can't find the one you are looking for simply click the chat icon in the bottom right of our webpage.

What selection of Benjamin Moore colours do you carry?

We don't carry a selection, we carry all of their consumer colours (excludes pretint industrial colours). However, we only carry the most popular 200+ colours in stock and make the rest to order. For non-stocked colours it is 1-2 days before it ships.